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Brief Background

The founder of the company personally experienced a need for professional and decent training facilities when he was in the process of qualifying for his trade.  Looking for training, focused on providing professional, skilled and effective courses to develop or enhance existing skills in people, he experienced a total disregard for humane and decent facilities.

Therefore, he set out to develop a training facility that complies with all these requirements and most of all respect the human need for decent, professional and respectable physical environment and top equipment supporting top class artisan and skills training.  

In order to ensure best possible quality training, AITF utilizes the best equipment and employ experienced, accredited instructors, resulting in high-quality training and development of human resource.

Our main objective is to provide a professional and learner-focused orientated service training the unemployed and employed from low to high-skilled in accordance with SAQA standards, thus providing the national labour market with the requisite skills trained individuals.


Members, Consultants and Qualifications

Our instructors and members are highly qualified with extensive previous lecturing, business and industry experience.

AITF places a high value on social responsibility and in the near future plan on providing indirect financial assistance to a few unemployed eager, qualifying and committed potential candidates to complete training at our facility.

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